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Case Study - Migraine

Case Study - Migraine

A thirty year old female patient presented complaining of migraine headaches, low back pain and shoulder pain of several years duration and subsequent to a road traffic accident.

On examination chiropractic tests revealed instability of the left sacro-iliac joint, cranial sutural jamming and subluxations (vertebral restrictions) at the L4, T9 and T6 levels. The long cervical muscles and the trapezius muscles were hypertonic with trigger points.

Neurological and orthopaedic examination were unremarkable.

The patient was treated on a twice weekly basis for three weeks during which time I worked on myofascial stretching, to reduce old muscular restriction patterns; pelvic blocking to stabilize the sacroiliac joints and cranial sutural work to release the joints between the various bones comprising the cranial vault (skull). Spinal vertebral manipulation was undertaken at the aforementioned spinal levels.

After the first two treatments her symptoms had improved by fifty percent, then gradually continued to improve further during the subsequent treatments. She no longer has pain in any of the previously symptomatic areas.

Lifestyle advice was offered to improve nutrition and to manage stress.

This patient is now on two monthly maintenance care to manage/prevent any potential relapse and this period will most likely be extended.

Topic: Headaches/migraine

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Case Study - Migraine

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